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Three Ways Electronic Cash Management Solutions Can Help Prevent Fraud

Unfortunately, headlines such as “Town Financial Auditor Accused of Stealing Thousands” or “Nonprofit Leader Allegedly Pockets Donor Money” are common. These crimes are ones of opportunity – people are able to walk off with money[…]

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Overlooked Financial Indicators for Non-Profit Fund Accounting

Non-profit fund accounting is difficult. From fundraising, to operations to pursuing the social mission of the organization, managers often have to wear a lot of hats. And many nonprofits have extremely limited resources to zealously[…]

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Five Keys to Building Your Nonprofit Millenial Strategy

With 25 years in fund accounting, Zobrio gets to work with some of the smartest nonprofits in the country. While we normally don’t play in the realm of fundraising or grant procurement, we do get[…]

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