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Christian County, IL uses Zobrio and Financial Edge

Hear first hand Christian County’s experience with Zobrio and Financial Edge. Treasurer Betty Asmussen said Zobrio’s solution is effective, efficient and user-friendly. According to Asmussen, Zobrio was hands-on through the process, understood their needs and[…]

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Abila MIP Case Study In Callaway County, MO

Abila MIP Fund Accounting has quickly become a popular fund accounting solution for government offices. Abila MIP gives government offices the freedom to build a customized system to meet their specific mandated needs while maintaining the[…]

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Zobrio Cash Management Case Study: Town of Marshfield

If slow, tedious bank reconciliations are something you’ve become overly familiar with, read about how Zobrio Cash Management can save your organization up to 40 hours a week. The Town of Marshfield, Massachusetts was manually processing data[…]

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