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Three Reasons To Go Blackbaud's The Financial Edge
For Non-Profit Fund Accounting

Blackbaud’s The Financial Edge is one of the most popular fund accounting systems for government treasurers and collectors. Familiar and powerful built-in tools make Blackbaud’s The Financial Edge more than just your average software upgrade.


Tested & Proven by Non-Profits

You want to be sure you’re choosing the right fund accounting software. As a leader in the market, Blackbaud’s The Financial Edge for Non-Profits has been tested to perfection with every scenerio imaginable. Many non-profits use it because of the reliability it offers.



Blackbaud’s The Financial Edge was designed using decade’s worth of user experience history. With Blackbaud’s The Financial Edge, you’ll get things done faster.



Easy Fundware Migration

Fundware users save big. As the next generation of fund accounting, Blackbaud’s The Financial Edge is the only software that easily migrates from fundware. Save on fundware migration and forget about losing data.


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up to today’s challenges?

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