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Save Time & Money
with Zobrio Cash Management®

Whether you’re still doing bank reconciliation on spreadsheets or dealing with a system that doesn’t reconcile your cash automatically, Zobrio Cash Management can save you time and money. Up to 40 hours a week! And the beauty is, it already integrates with your existing financial software.

Our Users Love It

Hear how Zobrio Cash Management saved the Town Of Marshfield, Massachusetts 40 hours a week with automatic bank reconciliation in our most recent case study.

Why you need Zobrio Cash Management

Pain-Free Audits

Do you dread audits? Treasurers everywhere are finding out how Zobrio Cash Management® not only saves them time with auto matic cash reconciliation, but also completely simplifies the audit process.

Helps Meet Government Financial Regulations

Municipal and County Governments are under enormous budgetary and regulatory pressure. Yet most governments are using software that wasn’t designed with auditing and complete transparency in mind. We created Zobrio Cash Management to give treasurers a concise audit trail to track their cash management and prevent fraud.

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Zobrio Cash Management matches your bank deposits with system created deposit IDs to make the reconciliation process completely hands free.

Works With Multiple Bank Accounts

Some financial environments call for multiple bank accounts. Zobrio Cash Management was designed for treasurers and elegantly adapts to any cash-flow system in place.

Works With Credit Card Acceptance

Zobrio Cash Management has partnerships with many banks that provide credit card acceptance and can get you on the road to taking credit cards online or in person.

Already Works With Your Financial Software

We know you’ve already invested time and funds into your current system – that’s why Zobrio Cash Management integrates with your existing financial software. We understand the importance of seamless integration with your current system.

Complete Off-Site Solution

Zobrio Cash Management lives in the cloud, giving you access to our interface in your current surroundings.


There is no doubt financial software is one of the larger administrative expenses in local government. That’s not the case with Zobrio Cash Management. In fact, it’s so efficient you may actually save money.


Zobrio Cash Management works with most popular financial software systems:

  • The Financial Edge
  • Abilia MIP
  • Fundware
  • Tyler Munis
  • Accela Softright
  • Vadar
  • Bill Trust
  • Unibank Unipay
  • Devnet
  • Zobrio Billing
  • Century Bank
  • Invoice Cloud
  • And More!

This streamlined workflow has created a number of benefits for The Town of Milton. The data entry is left to the department personnel and all of the General Ledger coding is simplified. With less duplication of data entry we have greatly reduced the time it takes to reconcile.

– Amy Dexter: Town Accountant for The Town of Milton

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