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The Advantage of Letting Your Financial Edge NXT Support Do Your Installation

We’re all familiar with the annoyance of purchasing something that requires extra set-up or support. And when you call the 1-800 number, you’re usually forced to talk to an automated service that leaves you loudly enunciating the words “Representative!” It’s time to make the whole process, of purchasing and ongoing support for Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, a lot easier.

Blackbaud is providing organizations with a single point of contact and Zobrio will take you the whole way. We provide experienced financial experts:  hand-picked consultants, trained and certified by Blackbaud, to provide a single point of contact for the entire process of buying, implementing and learning new software. 

We know how tedious and time consuming the implementation process can be when dealing with a new financial system. That’s why our Zobrio Consultants are trained to efficiently take you through the training and implementation process to guarantee your independent success with the software. And even if you completely mastered that system, we’re still available for additional assistance whenever you need it.

No matter your situation, Zobrio Financial Edge NXT consultants have seen it. If you still have doubts, take a moment to call. Let us prove you wrong. 1-800-796-4717

Zobrio Employee Spotlight: John Quatto

Employees are what truly make a company valuable. At Zobrio, we like to show our appreciation and support to our employees in various ways and recently we’ve decided to start a blog series titled “Zobrio Employee Spotlight.” Here is the latest post in the series:

Zobrio (5)


John Quatto has been working at Zobrio for over five years as a IT Account Executive and Regional Sales Manager. He specializes in IT Hardware, Network and Managed Services sales for the territory of Metro St. Louis, and Southern Illinois. Along with his expertise in IT sales, he also handles all of Zobrio’s partnerships with IT vendors and distributors like with Lenovo, Microsoft, and HP. He does an amazing job at cultivating new relationships to open options for Zobrio clients, along with nurturing our existing relationships on a daily basis.

Achievements While at Zobrio:

“Professionally, the biggest achievement so far at Zobrio is developing new generation of managed services customers to bring into our fold as well as bringing new solutions from our partners to better serve these customers and with our expert technical services team, make Zobrio a top tier managed service provider.

Personally, receiving industry wide recognition for our MSP practice with the magazine cover of Business Solutions and profile of our business’ success and as my perspectives on industry trends and philosophy on customer service.”

Customer Service Philosophy:

John’s customer service philosophy is rooted in good, positive, mutually beneficial, long term relationships.

“These relationships need to be based on trust, strong ethical practices, upfront and ongoing communications, providing a good value to the customer for their hardware or service dollars as well as having a strong vision for the future development and maintenance of their IT infrastructure.”

What Your Known for Around the Office:

“I don’t know what I am known for. I could only guess my stunning good looks, great sense of humor, and my deep insight into the IT Industry.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

“I enjoy cooking, travel, shooting and watching NCIS”

Behind The Scenes Of The Missouri Valley Tournament

A lot goes on behind the scenes at major sporting events; whether it’s the guy who updates the score board or photographers taking action shots of players, we don’t usually see all the aspects that go into making such a big event happen.

St. Louis recently hosted the nationally broadcasted Missouri Valley Conference at the Scott Trade Center and for the past 15 years Zobrio has been playing a big role with IT support.

We went straight to our St Louis IT experts to find out what kind of role Zobrio plays at the conference and what kind of IT is necessary for an event of this magnitude.

John Quatto, an IT Account Executive at Zobrio, shared, “We actually do the IT for the media and the MVC staff. So all the media that sits along the court, we coordinate their scoring tablets, provide a private wireless network, and network all their devices together so they can print stats and update their audiences. And then we handle any IT related issues that come up.”

With hundreds of media representatives attending, it’s vital for them to stay connected. They need an efficient, reliable, and secure network to report scores, game updates, and stats back to their organizations.

Whether it’s a small tournament or a big conference, Zobrio has the experience to provide reliable IT services. We offer constant on-site support and swiftly correct any issues that arise. As the premiere IT solutions choice of St. Louis, Zobrio is ready to handle any event.

Planning a large event and need IT support? We can help with that – just let us know!


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