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Recorded Zobrio U: MIP Financial Statement Formats

Financial Statements are an essential component of any organization. It provides a snapshot of your organization’s financial health, giving critical insight into performance, operations and cash flow. This webinar will cover how MIP helps you[…]

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Recorded Zobrio U: Fe NXT Managing User Accounts

in this session, we will focus on managing user accounts in Financial Edge NXT. FE NXT introduced a new web view and use of a new Blackbaud ID user account. In this webinar, you will[…]

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Recorded Zobrio U: Daylight Saving: Time to Check Your Smoke Detectors and Your Data Backup

We know it’s good practice: at the beginning and end of daylight saving, as you set your clocks back or forward, you should change the batteries in your smoke detector. This move can protect you[…]

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